“Our passion is in continually making truly bespoke furniture and joinery of the highest quality”

Specialising in the design, manufacture, and installation of bespoke joinery, cabinetry, and furniture, we pride ourselves on being experts at providing a bespoke service, one which is tailored for each individual client.
From complete turnkey projects to an individual bespoke piece, our commitment always remains in providing the highest quality achievable.

Where the highest standards are demanded, our experience, knowledge, and commitment to quality allow us to meet any challenge with real solutions.
Our commitment to our customers is to make the process of obtaining the best furniture and joinery as pleasurable as the experience will be of living with the pieces we create.

As masters of all areas of woodwork, metalwork, inlay, lacquer & special finishes, and upholstery we strive to achieve the highest possible standards in every aspect of our service.

“Serving and surpassing the expectations of our discerning clientele from all around the world is our driving objective.”

Our Team

“Commitment and Quality”

The quality of our service which has become one of our hallmarks and the one in which we pride ourselves most heavily is directly related to the exceptional commitment and skill of our whole team.
The skills and knowledge of our experienced craftsmen, and the techniques utilized to master the finest materials to full effect, is the backbone of our ability to produce the finest bespoke furniture and joinery of our generation.

Team Departments

The dexterity, skill, and commitment of our team mean each and every project we undertake is delivered on time and on budget. Our diverse expertise in handling and delivering complex projects is spread right across each of our team departments:

• PROJECT MANAGERS: With each individual project, a dedicated project manager is assigned, who controls and facilitates the entire projects from the first contact right through to final installation and aftercare.

• DESIGN TECHNICIANS: Utilising the knowledge of craft construction along with the latest computer-based CAD-CAM technology our technicians in collaboration with project managers and craftsmen, resolve all the technical details to ensure the smooth and efficient flow of each project through each step of the production process.

• CRAFTSMEN: Subdivided into the various craft specialty that encompass our technical ability, from woodwork, metalwork, inlay, carving, upholstery, finishing, polishing etc. our team utilises’s the knowledge and dexterity of time-honoured traditional handcraft skills in perfect balance with the latest high-efficiency production equipment.

• INSTILLATION-FITTERS: Our installation teams are the last piece in the puzzle to complete our projects. Understanding the sensitivity, precision and speed required to ensure perfect delivery and installation into the homes of our clients, our fitters operate to ensure that the process causes an absolute minimum intrusion to the homes of our clients.

Our Process

“Every Last Detail”

Working hand in hand with some of the world’s leading architects, developers, interior designers and also directly with our individual clients, we actively engage ourselves at the earliest possible stage of all projects to facilitate a sharing of expertise to ensure that creativity has free reign to imagine the incredible, and that it is always supported by our unrivalled technical expertise to ensure feasibility and efficiency.
Our team of project managers and design technicians are experts in resolving even the most creative concepts.

First Contact

When you get in touch with us, you will discover that we treat all enquiries, from the single individual piece right through to the complete fit out projects, with the same level of attention and dedication in our attempt to provide the best service and uphold our reputation for creating furniture and cabinetry of the finest quality.

Fully developed to fully delivered

After concept development consultations, our team will develop and schedule every aspect of your project to ensure perfectly smooth delivery and installation of your vision.
All of our projects are meticulously planned and fully resolved before a single board is cut. A complete dimensional site survey is undertaken in each of our projects to ensure absolute accuracy, and to enable our design technicians to produce comprehensively detailed production drawings for client approval.


“Hand and Machine”

Setup for flexibility and efficiency, our workshop utilizes the technical knowledge and craft skill of our craftsmen in perfect balance with the latest computer controlled manufacturing machinery. This combination allows us to be able to create truly bespoke pieces of exceptional quality, on time and on budget.

Our fleet of the latest technological equipment allows us to ensure that we can promptly process time-consuming and low skilled tasks with significant efficiency. Thus ensuring our craftsmen are completely focused on working to their best ability in creating pieces of sublime quality.


Our 7000sqf north London production facility has been commissioned with the latest wood, metal processing and finishing equipment to ensure optimised and efficient material processing in the production and delivery of our projects. Some of our key equipment and facilities includes:

• 4 Axis Multi-head CNC Router and labeling system.

• High capacity edge bander

• Veneering Department

• Spray Finishing Department


“Only the Finest”

To make the best, you first have to start with the best!
As specialists in handling and transforming the most exotic of materials into pieces of beauty and function, the materials selected for each of our projects are always of the finest quality. This combination of the finest materials being handled with the highest level of skill is our successful recipe to create and deliver bespoke cabinetry, joinery, and furniture of the highest quality.

From the meticulous polishing of beautiful woods and lacquered finishes to the acute and delicate precision of a bespoke marquetry inlay, our objective is to create flawless end products.

Craft Specialities

As purveyors of the bespoke, our greatest expertise is in the ingenuity and adaptability we deploy to develop our time-honoured craft skills to be able to meet the technical challenges posed by each of our projects. Our base craft specialties include: